Ayon Chowdhury

Website Designer & Amazon Affiliater


2016 - Present


After completing my B.Sc. I created some YouTube Channel. Because It was trending at that time, it was not my passion. So, I didn’t get much from this sector. But gained some basic knowledge about it.

2017 - Present

Website Development

After losing intention about YouTube video marketing. I want to do some unique, which will last long. That’s why I want to learn web development. But I wouldn’t say I like to do coding. Then I listen about WordPress. And then, Ka-boom.

2017 - Present

Amazon Affiliate

I have learned web development to do Amazon Affiliate only. Sometimes I also did outreach. But after a check on my skills. You will get a clear conception. All the skills are pointing in one Market. Yes, Amazon affiliate. I don’t need to tell you what it is & why you should also do this.

About Me

I am a learner. Want to read a story? Click Here.



S.S.C. From Nasirabad Boys High School.


H.S.C. From Chittagong City College.


B.Sc In EEE From U.S.T.C.


Content Writing 93%
Keywords Research 95%
WordPress 89%
SEO 88%
Affiliate Marketing 85%
Apps Development 52%


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